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Where is the radical feminism?

I went searching today for videos by radical feminists. I wanted to see why so many MRA/MGTOW types have so much to say about them. I figured wow, they must be out there everywhere! Since the red pill movement is so vocal, I thought for sure that radical feminists must be just as vocal (and silly) because supposedly, that's what red pill is responding to.

But I couldn't find any. All I found was page after page after page of MRA/MGTOW types endlessly insulting and demonizing feminists.

So if any of you know of any radical feminist videos, could you share them? I'm talking about videos of feminists themselves making man-hating diatribes, not about women-hating red pillers whining about women.

Thanks. I am just trying to find out what the red pill team is so upset about, because frankly, all I see are them telling each other how horrible feminists are, but I don't see feminists telling each other how horrible men are. I'd also like to see videos made recently, not old stuff. The point being that since supposedly these radical feminists are blatently pushing an agenda "everywhere" according to red pill, why can't I seem to find them easily?


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