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Torn between two

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Hi Ladies and Gents, I am a black female and in my early twenties with religious beliefs but stuck in a who do I go for situation.

Guy One: White male, 26, none religion believer, excentric type, lives a few of miles away, we got on really well he liked me I liked him moreso when we met up cause of the distance and the length of time taken to meet we hit it off well and planned to meet again while in that time he found himself a gf who lived closer so he then turned off me although he led me on.

Update: He now wants to end or has ended things with his girlfriend and get with me, I have turned him down claiming to have a bf (guy 2) but do really like him as I was on the edge of falling for him kinda did tbf.

Guy Two: Asian male, 22, believes in a religion not the same as mine, semi reformed bad boy not long came out of jail as well as a long relationship, drinks and Smokes, lives in the same city as myself, we get on really well we liked each other for a couple months while living same place, we met briefly one day and kind of declared our liking of one another. The next time we met was at his new pad which I kept putting off viewing due to commitments when I did finally get there we had a little drink and stuff before going further haven't yet seen him since due to circumstances my side but I do really like him and wouldn't mind us progressing further although we would both get stick we have already said wdgaf:p.

The situation for me is a pain as I like them both but can't decide and could see me with both, I dunno if I should forgive Mr Kicked Me To The Kerb Or Mr Blue Eyed Reforming Bad Boy.



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