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Lazy - no really L.A.Z.Y.

My husband is so lazy, and yet wants to be in control of the things that would go along with the various jobs he won't do. I pretty much do everything from major maintenance that normally requires three men, to keeping healthy food on the table. I am really wondering why I have to put up with his attitude problem on top of all that. I have been waiting for over three years for him to organize his tools. Actually, most of them are mine that he squirreled away in his boxes. I can't even walk to the electrical breaker because the entire garage is full of crap. Some was his fathers and lots of it was mine. He pitched a royal fit when I asked him to work on it with me for an hour today and even gave him the opportunity to tell me what he needed help with and would do whatever he needed. Suddenly he had a stomach ache after biting my head off several times. Ya know, since I have to do all the work anyway, I am starting to think he just lost all rights to have any say so whatsoever in how the garage is organized. Sick of pretending that he does anything at all for our household other than bring in a paycheck. Anyone have this problem and actually have solved it? (please do not tell me to reward him or let him organize things himself in his own time. I have tried all that and if he was going to do it he would have sometime in the last three years or so. It is way beyond unreasonable of him at this point.)


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