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Would you compromise on things in a new relationship?

I have been dating this guy for about 2 months now and things have been going pretty well. We are so similar in so many aspects, but as time goes on i have noticed 2 things that we are on different pages about.

The first thing is sex. I love how he isn't just a jerk who wants just sex, but he seems too much the other way. I find sex with my partner very important. We have had sex, but many times when i have wanted to he has said he is tired or he doesn't need it and seems reluctant to do so. It makes me feel really unwanted by him and it is something that bugs me a lot. I have wondered with time if it will change as we grow closer, or if this is just the way it is.

The second thing is romance. I am an extremely romantic person and i know cheesy romance isn't for everyone, but this is something i love. He isn't particularly romantic, and i wish he was. I feel like i am constantly complimenting him and doing things i think are really sweet for him. He appreciates them, but i just don't feel like i get the same level back from him that i would like as far as romance goes.

So i guess my question is, do you think i am setting my standards too high and i can't expect everything to be perfect with someone, or do you find these things something that i shouldn't compromise on if they mean that much to me? It is so hard because every other aspect of him i really like and i feel he is the closest i have ever gotten to a great match for me.


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