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3 years, and I think I'm done....

:crying: My WH looked at the OW on FB on my account two days ago. He tried to delete all the neccessary history to not get caught. Found it super easy (not looking for it at all) on my FB activity page, which he seems to have forgotten to do.
When confronted him, he said that he did BUT only because he wanted to see what I was looking at when I was looking at her page. He could see that I was looking at her because the search would show up... Is this a valid excuse?? We were talking about her more lately because I ran into her.

?? Really?? Is this ok??? We have been doing quite well since DD but I wonder if its because he's covering his tracks? I thought things were better than they were before.

I know her cell number (common friends) and they haven't been talking or texting. Thanks Virgin Mobile!

I think I'm done with this whole seen.... I can't see straight since this occurance. Will I ever be able to put this behind me?


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