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Getting annoyed

So hubby moved out over the weekend, things were going okay. We had discussed what he would take to his new place then and what would wait a few weeks. His last words were me were that he was going to do "whatever he needed to do to fix our relationship". So we have talked via text, have not seen each other.

When he left I was concerned about him having keys to the house, not because I have anything to hide, but because I don't have keys to his place and it only seemed reasonable. Plus my first ex, had keys to our old house and tried to steal everything one day when I was at work. Only thing that stopped it was my Dad happened to drive by and see him. He said he wanted to keep the garage door opener so that he could help me with the dogs on the night I have school (we foster dogs for a rescue and have some of our own also). I thought he was trying to be kind, and was impressed that he would offer since it is out of his way.

So last night was the night I had school, he went out and took care of the dogs and stuff like he said before I got home. He also did a few things at the house I had asked him to do (clean up his stuff, put tools in garage, etc). He said he was going to grab more clothes and a table. I was fine with that, he had asked me earlier in the day if he could have some other things and I had said no (it was a vacuum cleaner).

I get home late from school and realize the laptop is gone and a clock from the kitchen. I really would not care, and I would have told him he could have those things if he would have just asked. So this morning I'm very upset by all this. He of course just blows it off and was like "do you want them back?" I said no, but am confused why he told me he took somethings but not others.

I really should not be surprised by any of this, as communication is NOT one of his strengths, but really?


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