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should I leave the door open?

Its been a long hard road. My wife and I married when we were 22. We are 38 now and going through a divorce that she initiated. Our marriage wasn't terrible, in fact I think that it was probably better than what I have let her convince me that it was. About a year and a half ago my stepson was in the hospital and my wife and his father spent a substantial amount of time together. I realize now that they started reconnecting. They didn't Have much of a relationship when they were teenagers. He knocked her up and was never really a part of my stepsons life except for every other weekend and summers, but even then he wasnt much of a father. This guy has cheated on every woman that he has ever been with. Shortly after they spent that time in the hospital, she gave me the whole "I love u but am not in love with you " speech and I was off to the races to repair my marriage in which I am pretty sure I did more than most me would have done. I learned for almost a year and a half and applied what I learned. My efforts didn't have any affect on her and now I realize that it was because she was in the affair fog. Im not sure how long it took to go from being an emotional affair to becoming physical, but I do know that I think was a slap in the face since I raised his son. She has moved my 3 younger children into a two bedroom trailer with this guy and I now have the support of her family and my stepson to go after custody. Our divorce isn't even final yet. My attorney thinks I will probably get custody. This might be the wake up call that she needs but I dont know if I could take her back. Should I leave that door open?
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