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Dream Cheating....

So about 6 or 7 years ago I was in a bad place in my life not happy at all and one day I came home and asked my hubby if I could flirt with another guy. OMG right he totally flipped out, I didn't mean anything by it or at least I didn't think I did. Anyways, we worked past it and are still together and pretty much are fine. Every once in a while when he is mad at me he will bring it up for some stupid reason.
Anyways, I have totally gotten over it or so I thought, we are in a good place I think in our relationship. So about a month ago I started working out of the house and started working on my image again. After my 2 year old was born I started working out of the house and never got dressed up, cared about my makeup or how I looked. I got real fat. Reality hit me when I went back to work out of the home and had to buy all new dress clothes cause nothing fit me.
I also had to buy all new makeup and I found out that my hubby didn't like how I was doing my makeup so I changed it for him to try to get it to look like it did on our wedding day cause that's his favorite makeup look on me.
So it seems that the more I start caring about myself and what I look like the more worried and paranoid he is getting that I am not being faithful. In addition apparently the last few nights I have had a couple of dreams, supposing I was talking about the guy from a few years ago, I don't even remember the guys name. But my hubby is bringing it up again.
I'm really frustrated one that my hubby is bringing it up after all these years and two that I am even dreaming about this guy who means nothing to me, so far as I don't even remember his name.
My hubby is telling me that I am in a bad place again, but I think it is him because I am not acting like a slob anymore he suddenly thinks I am cheating???
Any advise how we can get past this issue once and for all so we can get better in our relationship and he appreciates that I want to look good for him not someone else and I am getting dressed up to make myself feel better.


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