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Wife isn't romantically interested any more.

Ok, another kinda long thread but I need some advice. A little back story: met my wife in 2011, we were married in 2013. Things were great while we were dating and for the first year and some months of the marriage. She was rather overweight but of course I didn't pay any attention to that, didn't bother me. In December of 2013 she had weight loss surgery and has lost nearly 100 lbs as of now. I always supported her in whatever she does, with the surgery, schooling, career, whatever she's going through, I've been there. Well, over the course of the time she's been losing weight she has had some body image problems and had a hard time dealing with this massive change in her body. Long story short, she says now she sees me as a friend, not as a lover or romantically. She says she's evolved and changed and finally knows now who she is. She says I didn't do anything wrong and it's not my fault, it's all on her. Basically, I don't know what to do to get her ba ck, or if I can even. She always brings up the fact that I don't have guy friends that I hang out with, she feels like she can't be everything for me, and I get that she would be feeling pressure from this, but I never asked her for this. I've never kept her from seeing her friends, or wanted her to become joined at the hip with me. I love spending time with her sure, and I'll spend as much time with her as she wants, but I never asked all of that. She also says she wants me to be more dominating iN life, to be all the time as I am in bed. Problem is I don't know what she means and she can't articulate that. I'm just. Im just not sure what to do. I've loved her from the very first day and I still do. I feel like she's basically saying I was good enough then, when she was unhappy and at her worst, but now that she's more confident and happier with herself I'm not good enough for the new her. Any thoughts?


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