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Need advise. What do I do now? Nobody to talk about this with.

Here is my situation. I really need somebody to talk/vent to.

About 3 years ago, my wife re-connected with an old boyfriend from HS through facebook. They communicated back and forth.
She came home one day and told me they were having a HS reunion.

Turns out, unbeknownst to me at that time, that she was dating him.

I found out and went ballistic. She gave me all this crap about him being a long lost friend, he's having problems, just trying to comfort him blah, blah, blah.

I found out they were actually sleeping together.

So, I confronted her with this information, and she gave me 30 different excuses.

I texted the guy and told him to back off and leave us alone.

Well, that caused a huge firestorm. She now has withdrawn from me, and blames me for all of this.

So, they stopped communicating for a while.

About 2 months ago, it started up again. Not only that, but I have come to find out that this is the THIRD affair she has carried on during our 20 year marriage.

She has been sending him messages about he's the only one, I hate my marriage, etc.....

So, now I have a decision to make. Do I try and make this work, or do I just end this and move on.

This is what has been consuming me the past 2 months. I'm sooooo depressed over all this, I just can't take it anymore.

I went on one of those dating site just to "see what was out there".

Well, So far, I have over 250 responses, and over 4,000 views on my profile.

So, my dilemma is: Do I still try and make my marriage work to a serial adulterer, or do I just move on and try to find happiness elsewhere.

I'm really at my wits end now.
I have no other place to turn and discuss this than to do it on here with strangers.

I'm hoping somebody out there can relate to what I'm going through now.


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