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Found out my boyfriend has Tinder. Advice please???

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My friend sent me a screenshot of his profile seeing as she has Tinder and I don't. In his bio he doesn't mention that he's in a relationship, and me and him have been together for just over four months.
He downloaded the app about 3 weeks ago and has been active on it a lot since. I confronted him and he said that it's just to meet friends, but when I looked through his Tinder messages (with his permission, I didn't just take it) the conversations were only with attractive females, about 7 of them.

One female in particular he talked to a lot, and their conversation was quite flirty, but at one point she asked him what he was doing this weekend and he replied with "seeing friends and stuff", when actually he was spending this weekend with me. So clearly he doesn't want her to know he has a girlfriend. When I asked him to explain this he just replied with "I don't know" and offered no better explanation.

I just don't know what to do because this is what happened in my previous relationship, I found him chatting to other girls and pretending to be single and that ended with him cheating on me with a co-worker. I never trusted him though.

This guy, however, I trusted 100%. I never thought he'd do something like this. He was apologising and crying, can I trust him? What would you do in my situation?


Oh, should probably mention our ages. I'm 19, he's 21.


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