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What do you think about an older partner being your submissive?

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Anon please!

Hi this is a question for the kinsters :) When I say older I mean 5 years older :)

My boyfriend is 20 and I'm a 25 year old female and we have been together 4 months and started having sex in the past month which has all been vanilla so far. I'm very kinky and especially into subbing (only within a committed relationship as this is a space that I feel safe and trusting). I've mentioned that I would like to spice things up in the bedroom and he is of course really excited ;)

But what I would really like to suggest to my bf that I would ultimately like him to be my Master but even if he is willing to I'm a bit nervous since I'm older that he might not see me in a submissive way due to me being older than him and might not enjoy it as much as he should. I do actually look younger than him which is the weird thing. I feel very safe and protected with him so I would be happy with him being my dom if we are compatible in that way.

So what do you think could you ever see an older partner in a submissive way?


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