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Not sure whats going on...

So my husband and I have been together for just about 12 years. We have 3 kids together. I never wanted kids, but we had a mishap and then I thought i wanted more so we ended up with three. I have no idea if thats part of our issues now or not, just thought i would lay it all out and see what others think.

Our current issue is that I am not attracted to him sexually at all. I love sex, but he just doesn't do it for me. He's very attractive and attentive to me in bed. Its all about me and he's constantly trying to change things up to keep it 'interesting' or 'exciting' or whatever. The thing is, i don't find it either interesting or exciting no matter what he does.

Hes a great man and holds a great job and is a wonderful father....what the hell is wrong with me? The thought of having sex with him doesn't repulse does absolutely nothing at all. And yet, the thought having sex with anyone else sends shocks through my system.

I have been researching for months online trying to find someone with the same problem, and can't seem to find anyone who has a husband who they still think is sexy and tries his level best in bed and is a great companion to be around....and yet has no desire at all to have sex with him.

Any thoughts on whats going on with me????


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