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Why is it foreign men that always flirt?

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What is it with foreign men that always flirt? Specifically South Asians and Europeans.

I went to the Post Office the other day to buy some things. The guy at the counter (South Asian) said 'hi, beautiful lady'.. this was when I was 16. The guy looked like he was in his 30's. I get told that I look like a baby-faced chipmunk.

Just today in Sainsburys, I had a foreign guy (another South Asian; he was a worker) say 'excuse me, young ladies' then had a huge smile that lasted for a minute. The only people that were in front of him was me, my friend and middle aged women.
Probably because I was wearing shorts and he saw my behind that he smiled. He followed me to self checkout and only offered help to me. I was only buying one item. Not my friend or any other customer. It was busy also.
Then my friend's dad said he'll buy my item along with his food. Then he asks if you're together. I said yes. So then that's how the guy disappeared. He doesn't even help other customers he just goes off and talks to one of his co-workers. The guy probably got frightened that I had an grown adult with me.

Last year, my friend had a European guy that was flirting with her to get her to buy something. My friend is like 1'40 tall. She looks like 12 and she had this guy hitting on her. Somewhat creepy. We were like 15/16. The guy looked like in his late 20's.

It's foreign workers that do this? They don't excessively flirt, most of them... they just seem perverted!

Anyone with stories to share?


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