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I think my nephew is gay and we are Muslims.

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First off all. I am in my 20s , I love my nephews and nieces to death. They are my life.
However recently I have encountered some things with one of my nephews that make me doubt his sexuality. I know it might sound a bit stupid, as he is only 6, but I really think he is gay.

1) He is effeminate
2) We went to the toy store, and naturally all my male nephews wanted cars or action figures, and all my nieces dolls or barbie. However, he wanted a doll as well. I dont know. At that time I laughed it off, but now it makes feel really confused.
3) He likes girly stuff or girly TV programes

I love him and want him to be happy. I dont know whether he is actually gay, as effeminate men are not always gay. But if he turns out to be gay he will have to make a choice whether he will act on his sexuality or not. Even if he does act and becomes actively gay , I will love him and keep in contact with him.

However, I dont know about my family whether they will. The topic of homosexuality has never come up in out house. We as a family pray 5 times day, and go to Jummah etc. However 80% of women in my family wear the Hijab. But for example. we do listen to music and watch movies. So we are pretty moderate, or normal may I say
Not orthodox.

Do you think my nephew is gay.So worried. He is gonna have a hard life.
Any advice


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