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I need advice.

Hello me and my husband has been together for 5 years with two kids. My husband told me he don't know if he love me anymore. He told me is not another woman. He said to give him time because he didnt know if he love me or not.So he was going to leave the house for 2 week then come back home and tell me what he feel for me...The 2nd day he been gone he call me to see how the kids are and I ask him those he see a future with me?he say no and that he don't love me anymore.Because I'm the one who kill his love because I never appreciate him I will always be jealous and I will argue way too much with him. I would always act up on a big event that is for him. That what kills his love for me. I beg so many time for him to give it another try on our marriage I tell him that we can start fresh. He still say no. Now it 4 week since he left the house and hasnt come back home. Everytime we see each other I make him upset or mad because I keep begging to give it anoth er try on our marriage.He still say no. Now he telling me that if he see me changing that he might give another chance on our marriage.Like i need to stop being jealous and need to be more independent and need to find a job (lost my job 3 week ago) I'm doing my best finding a job and that I need to be a strong woman. He the perfect husband he always made sure that I was happy no matter what. I'm just dumb for never appreciating what he did for me now I open my eye and I should of stop arguing and being jealous too much that what kill his love for me I can't help it but cry because he was always there for me and all I give him was problem and jealous and embarrass him in public when there was a big event for him. Now my question is can he fall in love with me again? I hurt him so much. I love him so much I don't want to lose him I don't want to give up on him because he worth it .I dont know how to save our marriage. I want our marriage to be save. He say he miss our good m emories we spent together.


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