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Am I too sensitive???

I love my husband very much, but I think he may be abusive. Not physically -- but emotionally.

Am I too sensitive? First off, he controls everything about me. And recently I had developed a prototype for a possible business. I got it home and showed him and he said "this is terrible -- just because it works for your body type, doesn't mean it's going to work for me. This is terrible."

I had worked on it for awhile with an engineer. I was about to show it to a friend who has connections to shark tank. He saw that I got quiet and he said "Shark tank would eat you alive....I think you are WAY over your head."

When I said...."okay"... he said "why are you so quiet? Why can't you take criticism? I don't like the way you are acting around me..."

I told him I was fine...and that I was reading a book....and he kept telling me that I was NOT okay and that he couldn't understand why I was being difficult.

The other thing is he has security cameras in our family room. He uses them to pull up video of what our kids are doing while we are gone ..and I have learned that he watches what I'm doing when he's at work and i'm working at home.. That means he's watching me on and off ...all the time.

Today he told me that he saw that I had written a check from my own personal checking account...that he thought was closed. I wrote a check for 25 dollars to Walmart. He said that I was "sketchy and shady" because he thought that I was hiding money from him.
In reality ...I had kept a few hundred dollars in the account because he is very controlling with every penny. That means he went through my purse and my check see what i've been doing. I should say that the money I put in there was money "I" earned on my own...just so I could have some peace.

He gets text messages for every purchase and if I go over 20.00 on HIS account. ...he is texting me asking me why I am buying xyz. He controls all bank accounts....even though I make money, too.

It's a tough situation...and sometimes I feel blessed to have a husband who provides for me... (even though I provide a lot too)...other times...I think he's just flat out mean.

What's wrong with me?


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