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Scent drives mother's off?

My wife was lying in bed with me the other morning with her head on my shoulder. We were basking in the immediate afterglow, and her nose was pretty close to my armpit. She commented on how pungent I was, and told me how she found my scent, no matter how strong, to be an incredible turn on saying "you're an addiction".

We're both Darwinists and very interested in anthropology, so this has been the topic of more than a few conversations in the past. What made this one different is that she went on to mention that she found our oldest daughter's (my SD) smell to be sharp and, if strong, downright unpleasant - but that the two younger, biologically mine children are, and always have, smelled like ambrosia to her.

She had mentioned in the past that her ex husband had never smelled "right" to her. I reminded her of this and she said "yeah, I've always thought I was just reacting to her genetic heritage".

(Note that this was just an observation she was making in the context of our conversation. My wife's love for all of her children is equal in all respects and from the moment I first met her, my oldest (S)D was the reason I wanted more children.)

I remember reading (or hearing) somewhere that immediately after a sow grizzly mates (and conceives), whatever pheromones originally made the male smell like heaven, turned sour and made him smell like the enemy. So much so that the sow would drive the male off. The reason for this was very simple – male grizzlies are known to attack and kill the cubs.

It made me wonder if maybe some of these women who stop having sex with their men after conception are being pushed away at least in part and subconsciously, by a similar lizard-brain chemical wedge.

That maybe this new aversion to the husband's scent could be the same reason they seem to so easily walk away from their own children, dependent to what degree the kids have inherited their husband's spoor.

I don't think for a moment that it's an original thought, but I'm having a hard time finding what if anything's out there on this.:confused:


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