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NMMNG insight needed

I finally took a users advice and read NMMNG and was somewhat beside myself with the info. I am about 60% nice guy from what I can gather but need to read it over again before fully implementing. But, need some advice on a topic I do not understand or am simply confused with.

One of the nice guy attributes I am 100% guilty of is helping others. Some return the favor, some don't, sometimes I am shocked at the gifts we receive and people help me all the time. According to the NMMNG info I need to stop this. I don't get it? Am I really to discontinue assisting friends, family, neighbors, people at church? My wife says it disgusts her and I should not help anyone with anything. I shouldn't volunteer for any community or church programs. She does nothing for no one and has few if any close friends.

To any NMMNG successful people: is my take on this correct? Do I need to stop doing thing for others?


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