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Should I accept the fact I'll likely be a virgin until uni

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I'm 17 and currently a virgin. I'm not exactly unattractive but my sixth form is kind of cliquey and while there aren't any 'popular' kids people don't tend to socialize outside of their friendship groups. I've been outright stared at by some girls but I have been to much of a pussy to do anything about it and generally tend to look at the floor and pretend I don't notice them.

When I was 14 and everyone else was losing their virginity I thought I was young and still had loads of time so wasted my summer playing video games while my older brothers would have spent it going to parties. Now three years on I'm still in the exact same position I was then apart from I've actively ignored those attracted to me. With this lethal combination of having no social life and being anxious around girls should I accept the fact I will likely stay a virgin until uni and possibly beyond?


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