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Need some advice, this is long

I just joined and would love some output. It's a long story, husband and i were together off and on from 16-19. We had a daughter at 17, he joined the active duty army at 19 and we decided to get married. We had a bad past, he WAS physically and emotionally abusive and treated me like dirt. Fast forward to us married before he left for basic training, I caught him texting a girl and he refused to quit when I asked him to stop, I wrongfully pulled the divorce cord to reel him back in and unfortunately he had a sexual affair with a younger female. I found out when he was in basic training and he denied it until right before ait. Ait he blew thousands on drinking and such, searched on Facebook for this girl many times, his reasons were, "you wanted to leave", " you pushed me there" and the list goes on. So by the last string I have I moved to El Paso Tx with him (first duty station) and found out again he was searching for her on top of t he disrespectful, emotionally abusive words and turn around on me games. In june I ended up getting pregnant with twins (identical so tooootal surprise) and in Feb I found out he was texting her, and had been for three months, if I wasn't 33 weeks pregnant and super high risk I would've left. So leaving him with the knowledge that "when our twins turn 1 we are going to councelling and I still may leave". The entire year was hell, many many lies came out about the girl and my husband was very disrespectful and put me down constantly and is always trying to control me. So here we are today, I want to leave and have wanted to for a while now. I have been taking my time and now I feel I am ready to tell my husband I want to start the separation. We are still in el paso and he is going to another duty station in Oct and I have to decide by than whether we will move with him or if the kids and I will stay in Texas (move close to my brother) and he goes in. In therapy I'v e come to chose I will not give him another chance and I will not be able to move on in our marriage after everything. I have 0 trust in him, and may i add tgat since therapy he has done a total 360 and is kissing ass and it pisses me off to no end. What is some advice?


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