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My girlfriend went against type with me and I'm concerned

Ok so here's my thing without getting too weirded out.

Met and have been with my girlfriend for a bit under a year. Got along great from the get go. She's outgoing, warm, attractive (very), easy and fun and chill to be with. So we're serious. We don't live together but the subject has been brought up.

We got out a fair bit. We've met each others friends and "the parents." I have a somewhat smaller circle than she does but cool. I don't really know how to put in exact words, but sometimes when we're with her friends I catch a kind of vibe from some guy or other that isn't comfortable. It's like I'm getting evaluated or looked down on or something.

When we talked about our lives sort of early on we of course touched on past relationships. Everything seemed cool. Next topic please and so on.

Well recently I found out that she used to date a lot and that it was all bad boy jerks. I'm just not like that at all and never have been - as a matter of fact she calls me her "great dude boyfriend" to her girlfriends. Anyway I asked her if any of her past guys are still around and she sort of casually said yeah but it's not like she hangs out with them. When I asked her if I met any of them she also said yeah that once in a while one or another may have been part of the crowd at a party or event we attended.

I'm not overly cool with that but that's not really the issue. I think I catch the weird vibe when some guy looks at me funny like he's "been there..." with my girlfriend. Anyway, not to make a huge deal here, but I've been wondering why she decided to go completely against type with me.

When I asked, she laughed and said she's all done with that and that I'm the man for her. I'm just not so sure. I guess at my gut level, I'm asking myself if it's a good idea for ME to be with some one whose history was just a lot of bad boys.

I'm not a bad boy - I know that. But I also don't want to be a (maybe) foolish guy who contemplates long term with her when others really didn't.

How should I think about all this? How would other men think or react? And to the women here, can a girl with one preference all along suddenly go for a completley different guy (me!) ?

Thanks people


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