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My bullying issue

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My friend has been a victim of bullying, it happens because people think he is gay which is unconfirmed. At times he has been shouted names across the room, homophobic names... Other times things hav been thrown across the room at him e.g. Pencils, pens, paper balls, pen lids etc.
I have been in the same class as him when this has happened many times and sometimes it would last the full hour happening. I know he isn't ok sometimes. He considers me popular and hard to attack, we have been best friends for around 5 months now and ever since, he hasn't been bullied because he has been with me most of the time. Most of his friends are girls which makes him vulnerable. He can't talk to any boys in my year but around 6 incase the others judge him.

He knows I know about it but when I asked him to talk to me about it he refused, I'm afraid if he doesn't that he could start self harming or worse.

I was considering moving schools for my alevel choices but I can't leave him alone friendless at the school we go to because he bullying may start again if I go.

Can anyone tell me what is the right thing to do


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