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How to tell if someone is a narcissist when they genuinely are exceptional?

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I think there is something...different with my boyfriend.

I know this sounds bad but I can't tell if he has a lack of empathy because he's high functioning autistic or has narcissistic personality disorder.

Like he does blow his own trumpet a lot....but then he does have a first class maths degree from cambridge. He is exceptionally clever and has an exceptional job for his age.... but then he is also arrogant about his looks (which is weird because he's probably the worst looking guy I've gone out with in every sense: doesn't work out, clothes don't fit him, facial features. I've had to bite my lip several times when he tells me he's sooo handsome and how everry female fancies him ).

What really is affecting me me is his seeming lack of empathy. My best friend has said to me recently, 'Before you went out with him your self esteem was really healthy but now it's really quite low and I feel like he's done this with all the insensitive things he says and does, they've built up to knock you down'.

I just honestly can't tell which it is, His bestfriend thinks it's ASD: he has family with austism and obviously the maths degree but then why would he keep banging on about his attractiveness if it was just that?


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