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How she handled this

This is going to sound stupider than it is. Please don't pile on me. I know I asked for it, lol!

So my wife is one of those people who just doesn't compliment the physical aspect of me (or anybody else, for that matter), especially in a sexual way. I'm used to it, and it's her, not me. I don't fish for physical compliments, ever. I do point out occasionally that it'd be nice to hear something along those lines every now and again, simply because everybody needs to know if their spouse finds them attractive or not.

But the other day, I asked her straight up - about my d***. Not if it's big or small or anything... I know better than to ask those questions! But I said something like "What do you like about it?". (so I guess I WAS fishing... doh!). In almost 7 years together, she's not once said a word about it, good or bad, during sex, or otherwise.

She responded by saying "What do you mean?" To which I basically asked the same question again. Just tell me something positive about it! So she thought for a second, and responded "I've never thought about it. I mean, they're all the same". I laughed, and said "Seriously?" to which she replied "Well, some are big and some are small, but yeah, they're all the same". I re-iterated that I wasn't asking about size. "They're like vaginas, they all look the same!" I said "Good Lord, no! They're all very very different!" She said "You know what I mean."

So I dropped it.

So on the one hand, I get it. Afaik, she's not a size queen, so it's not that. I've heard her talk about the odd sexual thing here and there with her girlfriends, and it's never been penis-related. I've also never heard her make specific comments about her own body (ie. I wish I had bigger boobs, etc.) so I know she's not hung up on what certain body parts look like, or "should" look like. Which is actually cool.

I do actually think that she doesn't pay attention to what it looks like, nor does she care, which is fine. But I think I was hoping she'd take the opportunity to say something nice to me, but it went right over her head (as it usually does). I mean, I can imagine many of you ladies would find it odd if your man never once said something positive about your breasts - breast man or not. Even if you knew they couldn't care less about your boobs one way or the other, you'd be like "Dude! come ON!"

So how many women feel somewhat the same way? Aside from size extremes, or preferences, do some of you feel that they do all look the same, or you otherwise don't even notice?


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