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Guy going out on date with another guy (need ur help!) :(

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Okay; so we met through an online app a few days ago and we hit it off instantly. Ever since, we've been talking a lot texting and hours on the phone... I really really like the guy and he told me he does too. So I told him I'll take u out on a date this weekend and he was like can't wait. So it's gonna be this weekend.. okay so 2 things:

1. Shall I get him a simple rose? Red/White? can't decide yet..
2. he kept talking about this book he wanted to get so I bought him one but I don't know if it's too soon to give it to him? like I don't wanna freak him out lol ...

I'll probably take him to a romantic dinner and we can cruise around or something afterwards..

In summary: Shall I do 1 & 2 or it's too soon? We already talk a lot and met once but it wasn't a date or anything ... help? :( oh and also (don't laugh, what color shirt shall I wear? light or dark colors like black? I really wanna give off a great first date impression since he loves guy who know how to dress well!) I don't want to ruin anything cuz I really like him and finally after almost a year after my ex and I split, I found someone amazing. thank u in advance x


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