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Am I overreacting?

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I'm having relationship troubles and it's really getting me down a lot.

I feel like me and my boyfriend hardly talk because he takes forever to reply to texts and doesn't really like phone conversations, and often ignores parts of texts where I ask if he wants me to call him or whatever so they rarely happen.

But he always always always takes the piss when replying to texts, it's very rare that we'll have a few minutes where we're texting each other a lot.

If he's working, or with friends/family or doing other things then it doesn't bother me at all, but it's when he's sat around doing nothing or watching TV or whatever when it begins to bother me (like today,)

All in all today, we've had about 20 ish texts back and forth to each other and that's it, which adds up to no more than a few minutes' conversation in person... and it just gets me down.

I was feeling upset today because of family stuff and he texted me asking me "Are you alright?" I reply "I guess" and an hour and a half later he comes back with "You sure?" and then I reply, and get a reply back from him another hour later... rinse and repeat, that's what it's usually like - thanks for caring! Like damn. It bothers me so much because I know he was just sat about watching TV/reading and I sit around waiting for ages for the most basic and half-arsed reply when I'm feeling like utter crap.

But it's like this most of the time, he takes forever to reply and not much conversation goes on... and I've brought it up and - NOTHING - changes. It's the same old "Oh, I forgot to press send" or "I left my phone upstairs sorry"... I always reply to texts straight away pretty much, because I've usually got my phone near me and because it's the polite thing to do, it's not really nice to leave someone you're meant to care about hanging for hours on end, his best is about 7 hours...

Not only that, he constantly "falls asleep on me" and doesn't reply until the next morning, no goodnight - no nothing - I fail to see how this is the case since I reply almost instantaneously, so unless he's falling asleep within minutes of his last text to me then I'm just being plain ignored.

I just feel crappy about this whole situation because I really like him. I spoke to him casually for a few months, dated him for a few and then got together, I took it slow as I really wanted this to work because I like him so much, but I'm just finding myself being more sad now than I was when I were single.

He also refuses to have pictures together and never ever compliments me, ever. I don't think he's called me cute since we first started talking, which sucks... it's not that important, I don't need someone to compliment me 100 times a day but the odd compliment every so often doesn't go a miss and I always make sure to say nice things to make him feel good... so why doesn't he to me? Never talks about our relationship and stuff, it's literally just like he's my friend who I occasionally have sex with.... it does not feel like a relationship in the slightest.

He's a little better when we're together, lots of cuddling etc but since we spend a lot of time apart then it doesn't really help.

I just don't know what to do. I've tried casually mentioning this to him but it goes straight over his head (like pretty much everything else), I don't want to get too serious about this because I don't want to put him off


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