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Hey everyone,
Long time reader first time poster.
There's a woman I love with all my heart
I've known her for 20 years but we've never been together.
I think about her everyday even though we haven't seen each other in years. For me shes always been the one, it just never happened. We text a little but live far apart with our own lives and kids but I try to keep in touch with her whenever I can. I don't do this kind of thing but I wrote her a poem. Im kinda freaked out to let her read it although Im not ashamed of how I feel I don't want to come off like a nut. So I want some honest opinions on the poem itself. I know what I have to do and that's express how I feel. I just want some opinions on the poetry. Especially from the ladies.

Anyway here it is. Please feel free to tell me what you think.

My heart was open
the soil was wet
We were just kids
when we first met
All I wanted
was just one kiss
beautiful brilliant
warm and kind
Only one girl
On my mind
A seed was planted
deep in my soul.
Her light unforgettable
the roots took me hold

So bright and amazing
She never flaunted
the only one
I really wanted
She's shy like the sun
behind a cloud
So many things
I don't say aloud
I can't see the forest
For Im a small tree
Sometimes I wonder
What's wrong with me?

Roots firmly planted
branches grow longer,
I could'nt reach her
I must grow stronger!
I must grow tall
Show my true colors
She'll see them next fall

Deep under my bark
down to the core
The seed that was planted
Has become more.
Wind blows the blossoms
Off the trees
She still makes me wonder
Still sets me free

The Birds and the Bees
My leaves bore fruit
Seedlings sprout
New life takes root
Snow, wind, ice and hail
Seasons are changing
I must not fail
I must remain
My branches are shelter
For little ones in the rain

When my last leaves fall
My branches will break
My bark will split
The ground will shake
Till that day
Ill have a space
Where no one knows
it's warm and safe
room for just one
Who shines like the sun
On the brightest day each year
The 21st of June
I hope You're here
When you're ready
Cause' Im your Forrest
And you're my Jenny
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