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Could I be pregnant?

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Could I be pregnant?
I'm 18 and a virgin. My boyfriend fingered me after I gave him a handjob..he didn't come and the only time he touched his penis was to put it back in his boxers but I don't think he touched the tip. I still had my clothes on for a few minutes before he went to finger me. the next day I started bleeding it was light enough the first two days but was heavier on the third day and it lasted for 3 days. I was due my period on the 4 th July and this incident happened on the's now been 44days and I haven't had my period unless that 3 days of bleeding was it but I thought it was just my hymen..the blood was enough to fill a pad each day. Ive had cramps and discharge for over a week now and my breasts hurt for a few days and I've been very bloated. Could that have been my period back on the 3rd of July even if it only lasted 3 days? I'm very worriedI


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