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Carpenter Geeks

I've loved woodworking and carpentry for a long time. It's one of my passions. In fact, my first woodworking class was in third grade! No one was seriously injured that I recall.

My first house was built in 1914 and I took enough of it apart and reassembled it to learn how to do carpentry with hand tools and achieve better results than most carpenters get with power tools.

I later found a great book by the Danish furniture maker, Tage Frid, called "Joinery, Tools, and Techniques" that teaches you how to build an object, for example, a cabinet carcass, multiple ways - with hand tools, with a table saw, with a router, that increased my carpentry geek factor.

The point in all this is that you can geek out on carpentry as well as on traditionally geeky topics like computers, games, and cameras.

This is a long introduction to a funny article ostensibly about carpenters but really about camera geeks.


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